Roll out of E-Way Bill system for Intra-State movement of goods in Chhattisgarh, Goa, Jammu & Kashmir, Mizoram, Odisha, Punjab, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal         Tamil Nadu Government has vide Notification No.09/2018 dated 31/05/2018 specified that Intra State E-Way Bill compliance is exempted with effect from 02/06/2018.
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Recent Updates

Assam –Mobile Squads established to monitor E Way Bill compliance


Assam Government has notified the establishment of “Mobile Squads” to ensure proper compliance of E Way Bill Compliance. Guidelines for functioning of the “Mobile Squads” is also specified in the Notification.

Delhi - Exemption from Intra State E Way Bill compliance


Delhi Government has vide Notification No. 3/2018, F. No. 3(163)/Policy-GST/2018/298-307, Dated: 15th June, 2018 specified that Intra State E-Way Bill compliance is exempted with effect from 16/06/2018.

Circular No. 48/22/2018-GST, Dated 14th June, 2018


Clarifications of certain issues under GST– regarding.

Press release on - Change of Email and Mobile Number of the Authorized Signatory by Taxpayers with Assistance from the Jurisdictional Tax Officer


Govt. has prescribed the procedure for change of e-mail Id & mobile no. of authorized signatory with the assistance from the jurisdictional tax officer of the taxpayer.

Notification No. 27/2018-Central Tax, Dated 13th June, 2018


Goods which may be disposed off by the proper officer after its seizure specified.

Notification No. 26/2018-Central Tax, Dated 13th June, 2018


Amendments (Fifth Amendment, 2018) to the CGST Rules, 2017 - Rule 37, Rule 83, Rule 89, Rule 95, Rule 97, Rule 133, Rule 138, Form GSTR-4, Form GST PCT-01, Form GST RFD-01 and Form GST RFD-01A amended

Press Release - Extension of Special Refund Fortnight till 16.6.2018


The Government has launched the second “Special Drive Refund Fortnight” from May 31, 2018 to June 14, 2018. Now, it has extended the period of special GST refund fortnight by 2 days till June 16, 2018.

CBIC - Explanatory Notes to the Scheme of Classification of Services


CBIC has issued the explanatory notes to the scheme of classification of services under GST. The Scheme of Classification of Services adopted for the purposes of GST is a modified version of the United Nations Central Product Classification.




Recent Advance Ruling

Gujarat AAR - Interest charged by Del Credere agent on loan exempt since charging of interest is not in relation to an underlying supply of goods.


Receipt of interest on loan extended by the Del Credere Agent is covered under Serial No. 27 of the Notification No. 12/2017-Central Tax (Rate) dated 28.06.2017 and hence exempt since the applicant does not supply any goods and the interest charged is not for delayed payment of consideration of any underlying supply.

West Bengal AAR - Sika Block Joining Mortar, being a non-refractory surfacing preparations, is classified under tariff item 3214.90.90


Sika Block Joining Mortar’, a ready to use grey cement based water resistant mortar for fixing AAC blocks, fly ash bricks etc and is a bonding compound used for joining masonry units like AAC blocks and fly ash bricks. It is a powder made pasty before use by adding water, and it hardens after application, enabling joining of the masonry units. It is applied with a trowel after cleaning the surface. After discussing the relative merits of classification under the rival entries the product Sika Block Joining Mortar, being a non-refractory surfacing preparations, was held to be classified under tariff item 3214.90.90 based on the general characteristics of such products as per the Explanatory Notes of the Tariff entries.

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