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The Notifications as initially published is presented. Subsequent amendments is not updated in the respective Notifications.

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IGST Rate Notification


Notification No.04/2024-Integrated Tax (Rate), Dated 12th July, 2024


GST Council, has issued amendments to Notification No. 9/2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), Effective from 15th July 2024. The amendments include the addition of new serial numbers (10I,10J, 10K). The new entry (13A) providing exemption for accommodation services.

Notification No.03/2024-Integrated Tax (Rate), Dated 12th July, 2024


Notification No. 2/2017-Integrated Tax (Rate) has clarifies that agricultural farm produce packages exceeding 25 kg or 25 liters are not considered "pre-packaged and labelled" under the Legal Metrology Act, 2009. This Notification Effective from 15th July 2024.

Notification No.02/2024-Integrated Tax (Rate), Dated 12th July, 2024


The Central Government, following the recommendations of the GST Council, has amended Notification No. 1/2017-Integrated Tax (Rate) dated 28-06 2017.This notification introduce new entries are 121A, 180A, 183A in Schedule II (12% GST Rate) and modify existing ones in Schedule III (18% rate) of the IGST Act. These amendments, effective from 15th July 2024

Notification No.01/2024-Integrated Tax (Rate), Dated 3rd January, 2024


The amendments specified in the notification relate to Schedule I 2.5%. The changes involve replacing certain entries against S. No. 165 and 165A in column (2) with new entries: 2711 12 00, 2711 13 00, 2711 19 10.