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Data Migration of Existing Tax Payers



CBEC Circulars

Click to view Step by Step Guide for GST Enrolment for existing Central Excise / Service Tax Assessees

Communication to Taxpayers regarding migration to GST

Guidance note to Dept Officers regarding migration to GST

Legal Provisions relating to Migration of Existing Tax Payers

D.O. Letter of Member IT DT 6.1.17 - Regarding migration of existing Central Excise/Service Tax Assessees to GST

D.O. Letter of Member IT DT 6.1.17 - Guidance Note For Dept. Officers

GST Enrolment Process

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State Circulars :


Advertisement related to GST in local newspaper

Provisional ID and Password uploaded for GST enrolment

GST enrolment Process

GST enrolment Camp

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Chandigarh – 05/12/2016

Public Notice of GST Enrolment Chandigarh, Dated 05.12.2016

Circular No. 3402 of Chandigarh, Dated 05.12.2016

Help Desk No: 0124-4688999

Email : or

Delhi – 14/12/2016

Circular No. JCTT/Policy/2016/751-769, Delhi (GST), Dated 14.12.2016.

Communication of the provisional Identification Number and Password to dealers registered with VAT department for migration to GST from 16th December, 2016 to 31st December, 2016.

Help Desk No: 155055.

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Goa – 02/11/2016

Procedure for enrollment of existing VAT Dealers on the GST System Portal.

Help Desk No: (0124) 4688999

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GST migration user guide

Instruction related to GST Enrolment

Help Desk No: (0124) 4688999

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Public Notice regarding Collection and Rectification of PAN

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GST Enrolment Process

GST Enrollment Process in Details

Press Release for GST Enrollment

GST FAQ Problems with Suggestions

Help Desk No: 0651 & 6600500

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GST User Manual in Kannada

Help Desk No: (0124) 4688999

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GST Enrolment and Migration Manual

Help Desk No: 0124-4688999

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User Manual: Provisional id Credential for GST Enrollment

Trade Circular No.35 T of 2016

Distribution of Provisional Login 10 and Passwords as provided by the GST to the existing dealers for enabling them to Log-on the GST Common Portal for GST enrolment as per Model Goods and Services Act (Model GST Law)

Help Desk No: (0124) 4688999

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Authorization Letter for Migration

Notification for Data Migration

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Notification for Enrolment under GST

Guide to Enrolment under GST

Help Desk No: 0124-4688999

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Puducherry– 02/11/2016

Communication of Puducherry.

Migration of VAT dealers to GSTN portal

Help Desk No: 0124-4688999

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Punjab – 08/12/2016

Public Notice regarding GST

Instructions to Tax Payers regarding migration

Help Desk No: 0124-4688999/0175-2225192

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User Manual - Taxpayers for Dealer Registration App

Help Desk No: (0124) 4688999

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Tamil Nadu

GST Data Migration Process

Circular No. 18/2016 Dated 21st December, 2016

Commercial Taxes Department - implementation of GST - migration of dealers to GST portal - certain instructions and responsibilities issued.


Help Desk No: (0124) 4688999

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Data Migration Process

Press Note - Data Migration of existing Tax Payers to GSTN database - 09/11/2016

Help Desk No: 18004253787

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Steps for Pre-Registration

Help Desk No: (0124) 4688999

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GST Enrolment

Process of Data Migration

Help Desk No: 1800-274-2277

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Uttar Pradesh

Regarding Enrolment of Dealers on GSTN Portal - 22/12/2016

Letter related to Data Migration for GSTN

Regarding GST Training at Zones- 01/12/2016

Regarding GSTN Training Schedule -18/12/2016

Circular Regarding tin cancellation of dealers for process of gst migration -16/11/2016

Help Desk No: 0522-2721944,3312600

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